Google Me Gone

"For time will catch us in both hands
To blow away like grains of sand
Ashes to ashes rust to rust
This is what becomes of us"*

Was over at Spitting In A Wishing Well the other day and joined in on satellite mapping my hometown (Piehole was a little difficult to find). The funny thing about doing that is it's impossible to see any people. Even at maximum zoom, human beings simply don't appear.

My great-uncle died last night. I had taken my mom to see him in the afternoon, and then, after the call came, me, Mom, and Aunt3 returned to sit with his body for a while. It was amazing because, as sick and sedated as he was, once his spirit departed his body looked very different--- like a shell already in the process of disappearing. I began thinking this is what is going to happen to Aunt1, then 3, then to my mom, and then, at some point, to me (hopefully Sis1 and 2 will live longer than I will). We will all disappear, and the people who remember us will disappear too.

Of course there's a part of me that thinks I'm exempt from all this, that somehow I'll be able to sneak out of line and hide in some time-warp toilet stall. But that part has been getting smaller and smaller lately.

This life we live, the things we think are important, thoughts and feelings, our bodies even--- none of it shows up in the map. And that, I think, means something.

*Annie Lennox "Primitive"


Blogger Maverick said...

I think that if the map zoomed just a bit more you could actually see people, in fact. I can see cars, so, I imagine people being a little smaller would need a little more magnification to see.

You still couldn't see their souls, though, and I think that's more what you're addressing it.

I think, in some big way, we live in other people's minds. I mean, I exist, but I also have my own reality which is separate - very sparate, it seems sometimes - from what others' existence is. Sometimes they cannot intersect. I guess we live on in memories, in pictures, and hopefully on Blogger. :-)

Spitting at the Big Brother satellite overhead

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Anonymous fm said...


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Anonymous Mr. Burns said...

Stacie: In my bumbling way that's what I was trying to get at. Forgot about Blogger though. I really AM immortal!

FM: Hmm?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!
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